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Hypnotherapy and the Niggling Doubt

Hypnotherapy and the Niggling Doubt

I work with a lot of healthy men, who have the occasional difficulty when it comet to intimacy. These are men who have generally had no difficulties before, but what tends to happen is that they begin to get a niggling doubt as to whether or not they will be able to perform at their best. The moment this doubt enters their mind, they feel as if it is a race against time for them to be able to complete what they are doing or else things will be a disappointment to them and to their lover.

Hypnotherapy is a very useful technique to deal with this niggling doubt. The doubt itself may have come from a sensible or even logical place. However, with hypnosis, we can rationalise this doubt and help the client to recognise that even if it had a purpose in the past, this is it, the purpose was in the past and not in the here and now. Also, hypnotherapy can help a person with faulty or unhealthy belief systems around sex and sexual performance so that the act of intimacy does not become a life or death struggle. Taking this kind of pressure off makes intimacy something to enjoy and share rather than conquer or overcome.


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