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Hypnotherapy Made to Look Ridiculous

Hypnotherapy Made to Look Ridiculous

Followers of this blog will know that I have written in the past of my disgust of ITV’s game show “You are Back in the Room”. I have said that rather than presenting hypnosis in a light that shows it as an effective tool in therapeutic change, it shows it as a sideshow act and something that has little value.

I have recently been shown a clip from the popular morning TV show “This Morning” with two guests hypnotized by the hypnotist from “You are Back in the Room” acting out a scenario where they police officers who were meant to arrest the hosts for theft. The ensuing nonsense was a combination of bad acting and misinformation as to what hypnosis is capable of doing.

As a professional practitioner, I am disgusted by demonstrations like this. Hypnosis as part of a psychotherapeutic process can assist people in so many ways, I fear that infantile demonstrations like these, rather than gaining public interest in hypnosis it has the potential of putting people off from receiving hypnosis from qualified professionals who may be able to assist them in changing their lives.

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