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Hypnotherapy in Schools

Hypnotherapy in Schools

Well it’s Sunday, and sadly here comes another critical post from yours truly. I received an email this morning inviting me to a training to get hypnotherapy services into local schools and how this will be a financial winner for 2019. I have said for the better part of 20 years, that most hypnotherapists have absolutely no business working with children. I am sorry, I know that is an unpopular message for some of my colleagues, but frankly you are just not qualified.

I always make the exception to those in our field who came from a teaching background. Obviously, they have an insight into working with children from their past career. Additionally, child psychotherapists, persons who hold the Child Marker from UKCP, and Educational and Clinical Psychologists would also be exempt from my comments. It is essential for practitioners to realise the limitations of their qualifications as well as trainers learning to limit what they put out to what will actually help practitioners in practice.

I get that many people want to help children, after all children are the future. However, people who work with children need additional knowledge and skill that no hypnotherapy qualification in and of itself provides. It really is that simple. Please, hypnotherapists, stick to your clinical competencies. I know people need to earn a living, but please do so in a way that does not have the potential to damage a client group or indeed the professional as a whole.

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