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Hypnotherapy and Good News

Hypnotherapy and Good News

Having been in practice for 28 plus years gives a person an opportunity to be able to look back over a profession over a fairly long period of time. I can remember in the early years of my practice that when hypnotherapy featured in the media, it was seldom in a positive way. Journalist fed on the misconceptions of what hypnotherapy was and what it was capable of doing. Then of course there were practitioners who did not follow the rules of good practice, so there were always stories about hypnotherapists who could not keep professional boundaries.

I am thrilled to see that certainly in the past decade, the media is looking at hypnotherapy from a more positive set of eyes. Now stories are focused on the things that hypnotherapy can do. There are a myriad of success stories of how hypnotherapy helps with anxiety, pregnancy, smoking cessation etc. The sensationalism has diminished and has become far more realistic. Yes, of course, there are still the occasional stories about rouge practitioners. However, this is a common feature in all professions.

Hypnotherapy is a very useful technique in helping people to achieve their goals and aspirations. So in a nutshell hypnotherapy is indeed good news for a great many people.

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