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Hypnotherapy for Interviews & Public Speaking

Hypnotherapy for Interviews & Public Speaking

Very often clients suffering with interview/public speaking anxiety will consult a hypno-psychotherapist as opposed to another form of psychotherapy as hypnopsychotherapy is seen fast way to get over this condition. The anxiety often affects people who are particularly well qualified to do the work they are being interviewed for, but often feel unable to present themselves at their best. For those who experience presentation anxiety, the situation is similar. Very often the client will be well, if not over prepared, to conduct the presentation. However, the person may feel as though they cannot get the message across in an appropriate or interesting manner.

Symptoms And Effects

There are many ways that social or performance anxiety can limit a person’s activities and interfere with daily life. Individuals who experience bouts of performance anxiety may feel isolated because they avoid certain social gatherings or parties, they may avoid enrolling in certain classes because of course demands for class participation and oral presentations, and/or they may avoid certain jobs or even turn down job opportunities and job promotions because public contact or public speaking will be required. Symptoms of performance anxiety vary from individual to individual.

Almost everyone worries about potential embarrassment, and appearing foolish or stupid to others. When confronting the feared situation, whether it’s a party or a class discussion, most people also experience some of the physical symptoms associated with anxiety. These symptoms include trembling, sweating, clammy hands, rapid heart rate, shortness of breath, muscle tension, blushing, confusion or losing one’s train of thought, gastrointestinal discomfort, shaky voice, and/or dizziness. There are several interventionary techniques that you can utlilised in order to assist in these conditions:

  • Systematic Desensitisation
  • Anchoring
  • Regression to Cause

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