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Hypnotherapy for Flight Anxiety

Hypnotherapy for Flight Anxiety

Although flying in an airplane is considered one of the safest and quickest forms of transportation, more than 20% of the world€™s population has a fear of flying.There are three basic types of flying anxiety: fear of not being in control; fear of crashing; and the feeling of claustrophobia. Symptoms associated with flight anxiety include, but are not limited to: dreading potential turbulence; stomach pains; panicking when hearing standard plane noises; physical shaking; or vomiting.

A hypnotherapist will help you find the root of your anxiety and then set a goal to help you free yourself from this fear. After your hypnotherapy session, you will likely feel more relaxed and confident about a situation that in the past caused you a great deal of unnecessary stress. Hypnotherapy can help you with flight anxiety and break negative thoughts associated with flying. You will feel more relaxed and confident, because this type of treatment targets and teaches the subconscious mind a new (and more positive) thought pattern.

Now that you have taken the steps to quickly and safely free yourself from this fear of flying and all anxiety associated with getting on a plane, have you planned your next airplane trip?

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