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Hypnotherapy for Education Enhancement

Hypnotherapy for Education Enhancement

Hypnosis can be used to enhance every aspect of studying and can assist a person to achieve their academic and vocational goals. There are many factors involved in the process of studying. Initially, the individual must understand the purpose of the process that involves seeing the subject to be studied in a wider context. For example, it is common for school children to struggle in subjects that they see as irrelevant, but as this is a perception issue, it can be altered by looking at the situation from different angles. The environment of learning is also important, both in terms of physical surroundings and emotional support. If these are inadequate, hypnosis can enable the person to make the best of their own situation, and recognize the control and choices that they do have. It is then more straightforward to choose behaviour that is appropriate to meet the desired goals.

Hypnosis can also assist the individual to develop belief, not only in their ability to learn, but also in the possibilities that such learning opens up. Once they have this belief, they will have the confidence to study. We all have far more “brain power” than we will ever use. Once an awareness of capabilities has developed, choices become clearer, rather than allowing limiting beliefs to restrict the scope of possibilities.

If belief, purpose and environment are in place, it then becomes a natural process for motivation to develop, as the pleasures of success are more apparent. Also, the more a person enjoys the subject itself, the more they will intrinsically motivated, and the more meaning and commitment they will give to the process.

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