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Hypnotherapy for Driving Anxiety

Hypnotherapy for Driving Anxiety

A driving anxiety (which can escalate into a driving phobia) is one of the more common phobias. Symptoms include dry mouth, perspiring, rapid heart rate, hyperventilating, dizziness and confusion.Driving phobias are born several different ways such as being involved in an automobile accident. Other examples can include the fact that some people are simply afraid to driving on unfamiliar roads at night. Driving over bridges may set off a panic attack in some individuals, as well as poor weather conditions like rain/snow. A fast moving highway is another trigger for driving anxiety in some people.

Hypnotherapy accesses the cause of a particular phobia and this type of treatment will safely and effectively remove the negative conditioned response and thoughts will be reprogrammed so an individual can react in a positive manner to an experience, like driving, without fear.Hypnotherapy is an effective way to beat a driving anxiety/phobia as it will lead the subconscious down a safe road of new ways to think and perceive a particular situation. This type of therapy has been proven to be successful because since this type of fear is created in the mind, it can also be destroyed by the power of the mind. On average, it may take two to four 50 minutes hypnotherapy sessions until the fear is completely removed provided there are no deep rooted issue at the cause of this fear.

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