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Hypnotherapy and Erectile Dysfunction

Hypnotherapy and Erectile Dysfunction

For many readers, this will be a very uncomfortable subject to broach. Men very seldom want to talk about this issue with anyone. For many men, this issue is considered to be the worst thing to happen to them as this issue can be one of identity as much as any type of physical impairment.

This is an issue which I often tell clients is not helped through thought. Indeed, thought s very much not a help at all. To engage in intercourse is a natural thing, indeed one of the most natural things we do in our lives. It is only when our brains get in the way does this become problematic.

As I have written before, intimacy is not a competition therefore performance should not enter into the equation. However, for some men, the need for machismo over-rides their good sense. There are a plethora of things that can cause a temporary dysfunction, drugs, alcohol, general physical tiredness, etc. Hypnotherapy can help a person rationalise these things and help the client to recognise that, provided that there is not an organic reason for the dysfunction, that they can reprogram the way they approach intimacy. This in many cases alleviates the problem and the person can go about having a normal healthy sex life.

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