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Hypnotherapy The Double Edged Sword

Hypnotherapy The Double Edged Sword

Teaching this weekend’s foundation in hypno-psychotherapy course always reminds me of the double edged sword nature of hypnotherapy and hypnosis. Because there is still much misunderstanding about what hypnosis is and isn’t and what it can and cannot do, people will often present for therapy with unrealistic expectations of what hypnosis can achieve therapeutically.

Whilst it is perfectly true that hypnosis can expediate therapy in some cases, it is not true that hypnosis does all the work. As with all therapy, the client must put in effort in order to change. This effort takes place both inside and outside the consulting room.

All to often people think that hypnosis is a “do to” process rather than a “do with” process. For any therapy to be effective, both the client and therapist must do their part to create an interactional outcome which will lead to therapeutic change. It is our responsibility as hypnosis practitioners to be honest with our clients as to what we can and cannot do therapeutically. Hypnosis is a powerful agent for change, but only where a client has the genuine desire and willingness to change. If this is the case then change is inevitable.

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