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Hypnotherapy and Body Image

Hypnotherapy and Body Image

Over the past month or so, regular readers will be aware that I have written a few articles on weight management and associated topics and hypnotherapy. This article confirms much of what I have previously stated about body image and how hypnotherapy can be an aid to overcoming negative body image issues.

In a recent article on the BBC website, it states that “Body image ‘a problem for boys'”. 1000 eight to eighteen year old boys were interviewed and the findings were that 55% would consider changing their diet to look better and 23% said they believed there was a perfect male body. Whilst of course taking care of their bodies is not a bad thing, many of these boys felt that extreme exercise was a way of dealing with their bodies.

Also, eating disorders are on the rise in boys, which of course is bad news all around. The majority of those interviewed stated that they find it difficult to talk to parents and teachers about this. Where are they getting this idea about having to look good, I hear you ask. Well here are the findings:

  • friends (68%)
  • social media (57%)
  • advertising (53%)
  • celebrities (49%)

Now, obviously, we all had pressures when we were younger, but we as a society and as a profession cannot overlook the potential issues that this will lead to. Hypnotherapy is a very good tool in assisting people to come to terms with their bodies and learn to love and respect them again. Obviously, it can also help in motivation to keep fit and healthy, but unless a person accepts themselves whatever their size or weight, they will be constantly struggling with body image in the future.

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