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Could Hypnotherapy Be the Answer to Nail Biting

Could Hypnotherapy Be the Answer to Nail Biting

As a teacher of hypnotherapy, I tell my students one of the most simple behavioural change issues is to help people to stop nail biting. It is a habit which often can trace itself back to childhood and childhood anxiety, but there is no need to have to use regressive techniques in order to achieve real and lasting change with this issue.

Very often, the person doing the nail biting has an issue with perfection. This, of course, would seem perfectly reasonable as in its most simple form nail biting can be seen as a kind of self grooming. When we tend to groom ourselves, we look for as close to perfection as we can manage.

For others, it is about the sensation of that first time. In other words, the person continues to bite their nails in order to replicate the way it felt the first time that they did so. Now of course, this is unconscious and therefore outside of the client’s awareness.

For issues relating to nail biting, I generally do a future progression, in order for them to see what their hands will look like with strong healthy nails and how much more attractive this is for them. Nail biting is not considered a major issue, but for those who suffer, it can lead to low self esteem and self confidence issues which are very real and very unpleasant.

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