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Hypnotherapy and Your Salary

Hypnotherapy and Your Salary

As regular readers will know I rail on a regular basis about the over simplification of hypnotherapy and what it is capable of. Some have argued that all publicity is good publicity and that I am a bit of a “grumpy old man” who needs to lighten up. I make no apologies for wanting hypnotherapy to be seen in the best possible light and that we do not have to sensationalise the subject to get good press about hypnotherapy.

I have recently come across an article which said hypnosis can get you a pay raise. Now this is a sensational title which leads one to the impression that you can hypnotise your way to a higher salary. Now, of course, there are caveats in the article about working hard and doing one’s job well, but that kind of gets lost in the translation.

Hypnotherapy can help a person to be more productive and to be able to get things done in a timely way. Additionally, hypnotherapy can help with self esteem and confidence when it comes to a person’s career. These things may well lead to more money in your pay pack, but it is not a guarantee and it is not hypnosis getting you a higher salary. It is you being at your best, which hypnosis can enhance, but not create if it is not there already.

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