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Hypnotherapy and Weird Tricks

Hypnotherapy and Weird Tricks

Whilst trying to decide what to write about today, I came across an article which was titled “Could This Weird Trick Lead To Whole-Body Healing”. No surprises as to what the “weird trick” was, that’s right it was hypnotherapy. The article in the main was reasonable and did show hypnotherapy in a good light. There was even a strap line under the title which said “Science says yes”. My gripe is that why didn’t the author of the piece title it “Science says hypnotherapy can help with whole body healing”?

My title was just as eye catching as her’s was, and was a helluva lot less silly. Journalists have a fascination with hypnotherapy, there can be little doubt of that. However, this fascination seems to always begin with hypnotherapy being some sort of weird process and almost something to mock. This despite the article showing how effective hypnotherapy can be.

Can you imagine what the psychiatric community would say if their discipline was placed in an article which says “Former Quack Science Helps Mental Health”? Well they would rightfully be up in arms with that. I do not understand why hypnotherapists give their tacit support of such nonsense by taking part in these articles. Perhaps it is something we as a profession need to really think about.

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