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Hypnotherapy and Valentine’s Day

Hypnotherapy and Valentine’s Day

Well it is February, and we are days away of Valentine’s Day over the past couple of weeks I have been seeing more and more clients regarding dealing with the breakdown of past relationships. Indeed, some are more easy to overcome than others. There are some breakups which effect people years after the event.

It is for these kinds of situations that people will sometimes present for psychotherapy and hypnotherapy for. Many start from the misunderstanding that hypnotherapy can wipe a person’s memory and thus the client will forget about their lost love. If only it were that simple.

In conjunction with psychotherapy a person can explore how they have handled their past relationships and to determine whether there are things that he or she can improve upon in order to make their future relationship more of a success. It should be noted that this is not the same as couples therapy, which deals with both parties within the relationship. The work I and many others do will help the individual improve on themselves which will have a positive impact on future relationships. Additionally, hypnotherapy can help a client to heal their own hurt from the loss of a relationship. Again, this is not a miracle, but understanding human process can help to deal with the pain and move on.

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