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Hypnotherapy and Unnecessary Anxiety

Hypnotherapy and Unnecessary Anxiety

Today’s topic is about anxiety. One cannot help note the number of practitioners in the Hypnotherapy world who talk incessantly about freeing people from anxiety and to never be afraid again. Whilst those things may sound wonderful and desirable these things are actually dangerous. Anxiety is the part of the flight response which helped humankind get to the top of the food chain. By which I mean as Kenny Rogers said “know when to walk away and know when to run”. Anxiety kept us out of harm’s way and unltimately safe to live another day.

When I work with clients in terms of anxiety I work with inappropriate anxiety. What I mean is the anxiety which serves no purpose or has run it’s course and is no longer fit for purpose. These are the fears and anxieties with no upside or use. Things like a fear of flying serves no purpose. Unlike a fear of spiders which may be useful when it comes to trips to Australia. I like to use the concept of a difference of fear and respect often times we need but respect the object of our fear rather than experiencing the fear. Get rid of unnecessary fear and anxiety, yes. All fear and anxiety NO!

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