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Hypnotherapy and Trance

Hypnotherapy and Trance

One of the most common things that a person asks before engaging in a course of hypnotherapy is “What exactly is trance”. This is of course a logical question, because of what popular culture leads people to believe about trance. Actually, people are surprised as to how natural trance actually is.

What do we mean by trance. Well, a trance can be described as a state of altered consciousness where a client’s  conscious awareness is decreased which causes suggestibility to be increased.

There are a plethora of ways to induce or cause a trance to occur. Repetitive activities like driving, cooking or assembly line work can cause a trance like state.

Whilst hypnosis is one of the most effective ways to induce a trance, therapies like Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy also utilised trance in the form of meditation.

Therapists will use Hypnosis and other trance-inducing procedures have been used to improve memory of past events and behavioural modification. People often equate hypnosis and trance with issues like weight management and smoking cessation, however, there are many other issues that clients benefit from the use of trance. As it is a naturally occurring state, there are no negative side-effects. Also, with it being a natural occurring phenomena, it makes it an approach which can be easily incorporated into an over arching therapeutic approach.

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