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Hypnotherapy and the Number One Fear in the Western World

Hypnotherapy and the Number One Fear in the Western World

When you think of the biggest fear that we in the west have, I wonder what you imagine it to be. Death, Spiders, Flying, Brexit? Actually it is none of these. The number one fear in the western world is public speaking. This can be either doing presentations, meetings, job interviews, or anytime a person finds themselves as the centre of attention.

Now, this may come as a surprise to many of you that this is such a popular fear, but actually it makes sense. Many people do not do jobs or have rolls which puts them front and centre. Indeed, for many the last time that they found themselves having to talk in front of a group of people was when they were at secondary school or university.

Currently, the need to do presentations at job interviews has brought this fear right into the light for many people. Hypnotherapy can be a very effective way in dealing with this fear. When I work with anyone with any kind of anxiety, I look to help them to “nothing it”. In other words, there is no reason to love or even like the thing that they are fearful of, all they really need to do is get through it with the least emotion as possible. Without the emotion, they have focus and are in a far better place to deal with what needs doing.

If you are anxious about being the centre of attention, why not try hypnotherapy, it is an effective intervention which could change your life.

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