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Hypnotherapy and the Corporate Sector

Hypnotherapy and the Corporate Sector

Today I am doing something that I don’t do a lot of, and that is taking my services into the corporate sector. There is a growth of companies of all sizes which are far more open minded about bringing in therapists to offer workshops as well as individual therapeutic sessions.

Hypnotherapy is one such service which can be utilised to great effect with one aspect of corporate life which is on the rise. This, of course, is the increase of stress related issues in the work place. Be that from job insecurity, or bullying or even a general dissatisfaction of the work life balance which a person is trying to manage.

Of course, hypnotherapy in this circumstance is greatly enhanced with good counselling and psychotherapeutic skills and knowledge. In truth, without this, I would argue that there is little that hypnotherapy can offer in this sector. Stress work is not simply about telling people to relax. There is a plethora of things that a person needs to know about both psychological and behavioural and even physiological issues which effect stress. In my view, psychotherapists, who offer hypnosis have a great additional bow to add to their practice, which is offering these essential services to companies and organisations.

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