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Hypnotherapy and Talking Therapies

Hypnotherapy and Talking Therapies

I was reading an article the other day in which it stated that hypnotherapy was a good adjunct to talking therapies. I thought about this and realised that there is still quite a misconception as to what sort of therapy hypnotherapy is. There are those who believe it is complementary medicine, which in and of itself is not really a problem. However, complementary therapy or medicine is ill defined at best.

In some psychological and psychotherapeutic circles, the use of hypnosis or indeed any form of brief therapy, is looked down upon as not being “real” psychotherapy. This shows a lack of knowledge on some practitioners part, but just as important it shows that those working with hypnotherapy are not doing a good job at their own self identification.

Hypnotherapy is a talking therapy, even though he majoiy of hypnotherapists a no trained or qualified psychotherapists or counsellors. I have always said that this is a problem, because it is not enough to know that what you do works. You must also understand why things work and why they might not. I am again calling on Hypnotherapy organisations and trainers to start looking beyond the simple competencies of hypnosis and embrace the need for more thorough Psychotherapeutic training as being part of a hypnotherapist’s education.

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