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Hypnotherapy and Social Anxiety

Hypnotherapy and Social Anxiety

One of the most common issues that my client’s suffer from is social anxiety. Social anxiety can manifest itself as being overly nervous before a big event, be that professional or personal or perhaps, it might cause a person to be silent a meetings at work or a feeling of being ill at ease when a person is the centre of attention. These issues can start as anticipation, but lead to full blown anxiety over a period of time.

The first most important thing to remember is that this fear is not uncommon, indeed many people have experience these symptoms at some point of their lives. We, as a society have become far more aware of these issues and are now far more likely to get some form of assistance with it. This assistance can come from self help, or sharing your experiences with family and friends, and yes, of course, formal therapy.

Hypnotherapy is a good way to assist with social anxiety as it is a safe way for a person to rehearse the situations which cause the issue. Using the creativity of imagination and the unconscious can allow a person to understand the fear and through that understanding put it to rest. Hypnotherapy is indeed an excellent way to help overcome social anxiety.

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