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Hypnotherapy and Slimming

Hypnotherapy and Slimming

As I wrote yesterday, this weekend is my three S’s weekend. I spoke yesterday on smoking so today I thought I would talk a bit about slimming. Weight management or loss with hypnotherapy is one of my biggest bug bears from a professionals prospective.

I say this because weigh issues and hypnosis are in my opinion some of the most ludicrous claims made by hypnotherapists. Be it hypnotic gastric bands or other such miracle weight loss protocols annoy me extremely (as redgular readers will know). People who suffer with weight issues are often targeted by unscrupulous marketers who know that they are more likely than others to believe anything that will alleviate their issues, with the minimal effort.

Hypnotherapy can help with weight issues, but it is not some sort of easy miracle solution which requires no effort on the part of the client. To the contrary, Hypnotherapy can make things more palatable and perhaps a little easier. Hypnotherapy can b very effective in helping clients with their motivational strategies which can lead to more effective weight management. However, it is important to still know that the formula for weight losss is inviolate, calories in must be less than calories burned. No hypno-fantasy protocol changes that.

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