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Hypnotherapy and Relationship Breakups

One of the by-products of the holiday season is that the post holiday season is the high point of relationship breakdowns and divorce fillings. This is often associated with the fact that during the holidays people, who are often busy, are now spending more time together and the cracks and imperfections of their relationships are beginning to show.

Anyone who has been through the break up of a relationship and was the party that did not want it to end, knows that this is a very painful and difficult time. Indeed, many people attempt to self medicate to overcome the pain that they find themselves in. Some people will get the idea that simply forgetting the person would be the best way forward.

When this thought occurs, it is not uncommon that these people will reach out to a hypnotherapist in order to help ease the pain and to use hypnosis to help forget the person. If only it were possible. Unfortunately, hypnosis cannot be used for this end. One cannot cause memory loss by using hypnosis in this manner. I will often counsel clients in this predicament by saying that the pain they feel, though difficult and unpleasant is part of life and it is this that keeps us alive emotionally. So if you are going through a break up this post holiday season, why not try hypnotherapy to help overcome the pain rather than forget the person who has hurt you?

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