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Hypnotherapy and Relationship Break-Ups

Hypnotherapy and Relationship Break-Ups

Spring is the time of year when people tend to be more optimistic. They have seen out the winter and now have better weather and better times to look forward to. Interestingly, anecdotally in my practice, this is also the time of year when relationship break ups seem to occur and people what to use hypnotherapy to help them to get over it.

Now can hypnotherapy make the pain go away? NO. But in concert with psychotherapy hypnotherapy can often help people to rationalise what has happened and to get to a point of moving forward. Pain is a part of life and in reality, if one does not experience some kind of pain at the end of a relationship, then one must ask how much the relationship mattered. Hypnotherapy is not about taking emotional pain away, but rather to help people to come to terms with what is often a very unpleasant and difficult situation.

Hypnotherapy can help to calm the mind an return it to being more rational when it comes to looking at the cause and effects of a relationship breakdown. Hypnotherapy can also be used to help the client to get an idea of what life will be like in the future in a new situation long after this break up occurred. So, can hypnotherapy help in a relationship break down? YES. Can it make you forget the other person? NO!

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