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Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Requires Work to Work

Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Requires Work to Work

Today, I would like to look at a misconception that many clients and potential client have when it comes to hypnotherapy and/or psychotherapy. Many who seek out therapeutic services are under the misunderstanding that it is the therapist who does all the work, whilst the client remains passive having to do little or no work at all in the process. This is a mistaken belief. In reality, therapy is a partnership.

For therapy to be effective, an interactional outcome needs to be created. An interactional outcome is basically dynamic where the therapist does his or her job and the client does his or her job and then something occurs between them which we could call the therapeutic relationship. The relationship is essential in any kind of therapy, but the relationship is not the only factor. If a client merely listens to their therapist, but then takes no action on what occurred in session, then it is unlikely that there will be any meaningful or long term change at all. I tell my clients that being in my office is a safe place to discuss and rehearse new behaviours and ideas. These things must be practised out in the real world in order for the therapy to have any value at all. Remember, clients have to do much of the heavy lifting in therapy, but the therapist will help with the load wherever possible and practical.

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