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Hypnotherapy and Premature Ejaculation

Hypnotherapy and Premature Ejaculation

Today’s topic is a bit of a sensitive one for men. For many men, their sense of identity and self is somehow associated with their sexual prowess. When men have an issue with premature ejaculation (PE) it can not only effect their sexual lives, but it can also be very damaging to their mental health. PE has been linked to depression, anxiety as well as low self esteem. So it is important to know that this is not simply a matter of sex.

Often times, PE can be linked to a man’s early sexual experience, even their first time. It is generally accepted that a younger, inexperienced man, will have less control when it comes to climax. Most men grow out of this with age and experience, but some will still struggle with it years even decades later.

Hypnotherapy with are regression can be an excellent way for a person to get over this issue. Sometimes, even just understanding the reason for the condition may be enough to assist the suffer to begin the process of getting over this. So, please remember, this is not an issue of masculinity, it is an issue like any other. It is an issue which hypnotherapy has a very good track record in assisting with.

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