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Hypnotherapy and Past Lives

Hypnotherapy and Past Lives

There is probably no subject in hypnotherapy more controversial than the idea about using hypnotic regression as a means of accessing a person’s past lives. Now the subject of past lives has a plethora of considerations. There are psychological, spiritual and metaphysical implications of the subject.

i will often tell my students that I personally do not believe in past lives and I certainly do not put out past life regression as a service I provide. Not that a person needs to believe in something in order to use a technique, but I think in this case if one wants to do this they should find a practitioner who is sympathetic to the concept.

This leads to an interesting fact for therapists. It is essential that a practitioner should not bring his or her personal beliefs into the consulting room. It is the client’s belief which is paramount, not the therapist’s.

Saying that, it is a sign of practitioner maturity if he or she realises that their beliefs will contaminate the therapeutic process. So, should Hypnotherapy be used for past life regression? Well, the answer to that depends on both the client and therapist. Above all, the client’s needs and best interest must be paramount.

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