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Hypnotherapy and Over Simplicity

Hypnotherapy and Over Simplicity

I know how it is, most of us do, you have a problem which has been causing problems for years. You know it is not a simple thing, but you are desperate for a simple answer. However, over simplicity is just as unproductive as over complication.

Now hypnotherapists have a tendency to make issues sound quite simple in cause and effect. Now there is a difference between oversimplification because you believe a client doesn’t really understand complexity and oversimplification because the therapist does not have the breadth of knowledge to explain and understand the client’s issue.

I see the latter all too often. Glitzy adverts saying you will be phobia free in 20 minutes and forget the past and live in the now. Are these ideas bad? No. However, they are ludicrously simplistic in view. A therapist needs to understand, as well as the client, what is behind negative behaviours and beliefs. As I have always said, therapy is earnest work. Earnest work requires effort and a curiosity to go beyond the surface. I describe being a psychotherapist as being a mind detective. Great detectives always look beyond the obvious. As therapists we must do the same.

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