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Hypnotherapy and New Skills

Hypnotherapy and New Skills

One of the things which surprise people who have not had experience with hypnotherapy is that not everyone who comes in comes for therapy. There are people who attend sessions to improve skills.

I have written in the past on the use of hypnotherapy and sport which of course is a mix of mental and physical. I am talking about skills which do not require physical skills, but only mental skills. Over the years I have worked with people who were trying to master a foreign language, or work on memory improvement even a couple of people trying to learn bridge.

What often gets in the way of our new skills is that we mentally block ourselves in some way. Indeed, often these issues come from how we learned things in our childhood. Often those who were encouraged in their youth will find it much easier to learn new skills when they get older. Hypnotherapy can also be used to help rationalise and resolve issues related to learning skills from a person’s past. Regression can be a powerful tool in assisting in this. So hypnotherapy is an excellent adjunctive approach to learn and enhance new skills.

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