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Hypnotherapy and Needle Fear

Hypnotherapy and Needle Fear

The idea of having injections is not meant to fill a person with unremitting joy and excitement. For many people, however, it is something that causes great distress to people. Now, obviously this is a very important thing to get over as having injections are an essential part of physical health. For those who suffer with this, the idea of overcoming it comes from a situation like pregancy arising. In other words, they can no longer safely avoid having injections.

In my experience the fear can be based on two things. The first is actually having the injection and having something taken from the person. The common one here is the idea of having blood removed. Indeed, those who truly obsess about this can actually feel the blood being taken out. The other is the idea of having something put into the body, be that the needle itself or the contents of the needle.

This is a fear which more often than not can be traced back to a person’s childhood. When we are children, medical procedures can scare us at the best of times. The look and feel of the needle can cause anxiety and if not properly addressed can lead to a life long fear. Hypnotherapy is a very good way to get to the root of the issue and resolving it with the minimum of distress for the client in question.

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