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Hypnotherapy and Language Patterns

Hypnotherapy and Language Patterns

One of the topics which really interest my students is the use of hypnotic language patterns. It is also one of the topics which confuse them as well. Hypnotic language patterns have existed from the beginning of hypnotic time as it were. However, they first gained “popularity” with the advent of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Bandler and Grinder studied arguably the greatest hypnotherapist of them all, Dr Milton H Erickson. The looked at and assessed the language patterns he utilised in order to be successful with hypnotic interventions. These were eventually codified using general semantics and then written up in two books Patterns 1 & 2 The Hypnotic Language of Dr Milton Erickson.

The importance of this study cannot be overstated as this have practitioners an insight into the use of language and that could be replicated by practitioners world wide. Unfortunately, the patterns work gained a reputation for being too complex for most practitioners to just pick up and use.

The reality with hypnotic language is simple really. Any phrase which causes a person to access their unconscious to either understand or answer can be considered hypnotic language. The goal is to access the unconscious plain and simple. Language is the most effective weapon in the hypnotherapist’s arsenal, and it must be used well to get success.

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