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Hypnotherapy and Inevitable Change

Hypnotherapy and Inevitable Change

It May sound odd, but I do have clients who come to me in order to change without changing. People are far more self aware these days than in the past. Some of this self awareness can be less than helpful. I refer in this instance to some people’s almost narcissistic obsession with social media. That being said, self awareness allows us to grow as people and allows for us to break the shackles of past issues which rear their heads in the hear and now.

The title of this post is a little misleading, I say this because change is and of itself inevitable. We are all in a process of constant change and renewal, it is part of the human experience. However, despite this, change still can be frightening for people. Change represents the unknown, and for many the unknown is a scary proposition.This is why I said at the beginning that I have clients who want to change, but without changing. These people fear that in order to reach their goal they must fundamentally change themselves. In some cases this will be true, but more often with hypnotherapy, change is an evolutionary rather than revolutionary process, which leads to lasting positive change.

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