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Hypnotherapy and Heartburn

Hypnotherapy and Heartburn

For those of you who read this blog with some regularity you will have seen that a few weeks ago I wrote a piece on the effective use of hypnotherapy with IBS. In today’s offering, we see that this is not the only physiological issue that hypnotherapy is effective in counteracting.

Today we find that in Diseases of the Esophagus Volume 29, Issue 5 July 2016 Pages 490–496, that hypnotherapy is effective in the treatment of functional heartburn. Functional heartburn is a physically harmless but unpleasant condition which manifests itself with painful, burning epigastric sensations in the absence of acid reflux or symptom-reflux correlation.

When people suffer with this condition, esophageal hypersensitivity and its psychological counterpart, esophageal hypervigilance cause the above symptoms to occur. In the study, esophagus directed hypnotherapy was used over 7 session to determine whether or not the symptoms could be brought under control. The findings were encouraging, in a similar way to gut directed hypnotherapy. A particularly important element of the results that was for people even with what could be considered a lower level of hypnotizability experienced positive results.

It is very encouraging indeed that more and more scientific and scholarly publications are researching and showing that hypnotherapy is a very useful treatment for conditions that in the past we, perhaps, not even considered for this treatment.

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