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Hypnotherapy and Groupon

Hypnotherapy and Groupon

Back in the early 1990’s when I began to train therapists in addition to my clinical work, I began by teaching ethical practice building protocols. Back in those days, there were very few outlets for marketing and there was certainly no internet. In reality, the internet expanded the potential for practitioners to earn a good living by making their practices far more accessible to the general public.

Of course with the positive there is always the potential for the negative. For a profession to be a profession it must embrace ways that promote the profession in an ethical and professional way. One of the ways which some practitioners choose to market themselves which I believe does not meet these standards. That way is to use Groupon and similar discount services.

Professionals like psychologists and solicitors do not use these services to marker their practices. Hypnotherapists should elevate their ideas on practice building to other “traditional” professionals. By lowering their standards, it lowers the profession. When our services are seen as being artificially discounted, the who profession is discounted. I urge my professional colleagues to elevate their ideas about how to attract clients. In the long run, it will be to their benefit individually as well as to the wider profession.

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