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Hypnotherapy and Forgiveness

Hypnotherapy and Forgiveness

We all make mistakes, we have all done things that we regret, and we have all had these things happen to us. So often people come to my office because they have not been able to get past these things, whether they are the transgressor or the transgressed.

Forgiveness is something that is often underrated as an important therapeutic principle. There are two types of forgiveness in the therapeutic world. They are forgiveness of self (FOS) and forgiveness of others (FOO). For many people, the concept of forgiving others is an easier concept than forgiving themselves. All too often we hold ourselves to a higher standard than we hold others, this leads to all kinds of issues. The can include, self loathing, self harm and other destructive personal behaviour.

When we fail to forgive others, we can often develop trust issues and potentially this can lead to aloofness and disconnection in relationships. These are issues which lead to many other issues if not dealt with.

If you are currently holding on to negativity because of issues relating to mistakes you or others have made, you could do worse than trying Hypnotherapy to help you to overcome this and learn to forgive.

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