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Hypnotherapy and Exam Nerves

Hypnotherapy and Exam Nerves

As winter turns to spring this can only mean one thing for millions of people, exam season is fast approaching. In an ideal world exams should be about showing students how much they have learned. Sadly, however, the preparing and taking of exams has become something that people develop a great anxiety over. This need not even be for simply academic exams, but even practical things like driving tests can fill people with tremendous fear and dread.

These anxieties can be understood, rationalised and overcome by using hypnotherapy. Indeed, the relaxation element of trance work can make a tremendous difference to the way people experience exam taking and preparation even without the therapeutic intervention. We put a tremendous amount of pressure on ourselves to succeed. This is, of course, matched by sociological expectations as well. These components really make the examination process unpleasant.

There is an axiom in Neuro Linguistic Programming which states that there is no failure only feed back. This is actually true for even if you don’t make the grade in your first attempt at an exam, you will still learn about the things you need to improve upon. A classic reframe. If you are feeling uneasy about exams, you could do far worse than trying to overcome the anxiety with hypnotherapy.

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