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Hypnotherapy and Ethical Practice

Hypnotherapy and Ethical Practice

Regular readers of my blog will know that the past couple of editions I have been talking about how the profession needs to be more professional. The reason for this is that for a profession to be taken seriously is that it takes it’s responsibilities to the public and profession alike seriously.

This weekend I will be teaching practice building to another eager group of students. I believe that it is essential that practitioners need to be successful. However, this success is inextricably linked to being ethical. Indeed, one cannot be successful in the long run, without being ethical. There are many in business who sacrifice ethics for short term financial success.

The key here is short term. There are many who enter this profession to simply make money. They see the profession as a means to financial reward. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be financially successful, but our profession is about people as well. If we are unwilling to be ethical and moral for them, then we might as well not be in the profession at all. There will always be ways to cut corners to make short term gains, be that professional or financial. However, the true professional recognises that what we do is earnest work and that there are no short cuts to success.

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