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Hypnotherapy and Driving

Hypnotherapy and Driving

Today’s topic may surprise some of you. Often the only time the average person thinks of hypnosis and driving is a phenomenon called “highway hypnosis”. This is when a person goes into a trance like state when they are driving and tend not to remember much of their journey.

What I am referring to today is both how hypnosis can help people with anxiety of taking their driving test as well as anxiety about driving itself. First, like all exams there is an inherent anxiety about doing something that requires some form of assessment. Obviously, unlike most exams, driving has implications for not only the driver’s safety, but also the safety of the public. Hypnosis can help in this regard in much the same way as it does with other examinations.

When it comes to driving anxiety, this can often be caused by a past driving trauma. Obviously, it is good that a person should drive cautiously. However, in these cases, a person drives with fear and fear clouds our vision and does not help us to make clear decisions. Hypnosis can help in these cases through things like direct suggestion and hypnotic regression predominantly. Feeling anxious about driving, why not give hypnotherapy a try?

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