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Hypnotherapy and Drinking Problems

Hypnotherapy and Drinking Problems

Barely a day goes by when there is not a story in the news regarding alcohol and difficulties people are having with it. Now, alcohol cannot be seen in simplistic terms of addiction as the story is usually far more complicated. I have noticed that there are many hypnotherapists who offer assistance to people who are struggling with their drinking.

It is true that hypnotherapy can be a very powerful approach to working with people with problem drinking issues. Indeed, hypnotherapy can be used to determine the root cause of the drinking problem as well as a plan to look to the future drink free. It should be stated however, that hypnotherapy is not a magical approach to drinking issues.

To simply hypnotise someone and tell them they won’t drink is a foolish misconception. A psychotherapy trained hypnotherapist will look at all the variables when it comes to a person’s drinking behaviour and very often it is not the alcohol which is the primary issue, it is often a symptom of a greater issue.

Once this issue is identified and resolved then the drinking no longer becomes an issue as their psychological need to drink is resolved. People suffering from drinking issues are far more complex than simple addiction, our approach should just as multifaceted.

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