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Hypnotherapy and Dressing Up

Hypnotherapy and Dressing Up

Whilst musing on what to write about today, I came across an article about a woman who lost 30 kilos using the hypnotic “lap band surgery”. Now I have written on this subject before and expressed my reservations as to it’s true efficacy as well as some of the claims that practitioners make about their success. The hypnotherapist apparently as part of the treatment dressed up in scubs in order to deliver the treatment.

Now, I am not questioning the weight loss of this individual. I am, however, questioning the “song and dance” approach of this therapist. In my opinion, it is unethical to pretend to be a doctor, even when that pretence is explained to the client. Again, there is no evidence that this approach works and there is also an argument that this could be constituted as a fraud.

If proponents of the hypnotic lap band or hypnotic gastric band approaches want to really get recognition that what they are doing works. Submit to a proper research project under proper academic conditions. In reality, it is the only way that this will ever end this argument between people like me who say give us some evidence that this genuinely works and them who say it works and we don’t have to prove it. I for one would like this matter closed once and for all.

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