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Hypnotherapy and Discretion

Hypnotherapy and Discretion

Today’s offering is a bit of a complaint, I have been noticing more and more hypnotherapists using “prestige clients” as a means of marketing their services. Now, I am not saying that the rich and famous do not come for hypnotherapy. There are certainly enough articles which discuss this from the celebrity’s point of view. Of course, people are perfectly entitled to talk about their experiences to whom ever they choose.

The therapist, however, is not. Confidentiality is a bedrock of good therapy. It is up to the therapist to be able to be discrete enough to keep their clients totally confidential. With the advent of social media, practitioners seem tempted to boast about their recent successes. Indeed, the stories tend to get more and more dramatic. Whist this might get you the adoration of some of your colleagues, I can assure you that it does not fill clients with confidence.

It is essential that those who are professional therapists, that they are not getting their needs, be they ego driven, emotional, or sexual, met through their clients. We provide a professional service and we need to be professional in our dealings as well as what we choose to share with the rest of the world.

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