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Hypnotherapy and Cold Turkey

Hypnotherapy and Cold Turkey

Good morning readers, first an apology. Regular readers may wonder why there was no posting yesterday. Well, there are days when I just can’t think of something to write about, yesterday was an example of that. I have been thinking and looking and found an article about smokers being recommended to not go cold turkey when giving up smoking.

The figures cited that only 4% who do are smoke free after a year. This is increased to 6% that use Nicotine Replacement Therapy, still shockingly low. Finally, 16% if they go through an NHS Stop Smoking Programme. These figures are simply ghastly.

The disappointment for me is that as usual, hypnotherapy for smoking cessation is not included in these figures. Published peer reviewed research has shown hypnotherapy to have a 66% success rate for smoking cessation. Public Health for England are doing a disservice by not looking at hypnotherapy as a viable option.

There are 3.2 million people who vape in the UK, I do not consider this legitimate smoking cessation. The reason is that the health implications of vaping have yet to be genuinely determined. Recent research has shown that vaping can cause damage to cells in the lungs. It’s time to have an adult discussion about smoking cessation and to look at ALL viable ways to aid this.

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