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Hypnotherapy and Celebrity PTSD

Hypnotherapy and Celebrity PTSD

As regular readers will know, I will often praise celebrities who come out and discuss their issues with mental health. The latest to do so is Kiera Knightley. In the early part of her career she suffered an emotional breakdown through Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The treatment which she sought out was, you guessed it, hypnotherapy. As I have written regularly, hypnotherapy is an effective way to deal with PTSD. Indeed, hypnotherapy’s relationship with post traumatic stress goes back to treatment of British and German soldiers to help with what was then called shell shock.

I genuinely believe that when celebrities come out about mental health issues, it can be more effective than when the Department of Health or Health for England make statements. Celebrities are really no different than those who celebrate them, but they do have one thing that others do not and that is fame. Fame when it is used for causes which effect many of the people who celebrate them. Mental health is a critical issue which impacts many people’s lives and it is worth making more of a national conversation, rather than something to be whispered in hiding. My genuine appreciation to celebrities like Ms Knightley, who make it more easy to discuss some of the most complex issues which impact people today.

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