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Hypnotherapy and Bitcoins

Hypnotherapy and Bitcoins

Following yesterday’s theme of unusual applications for hypnotherapy, I was reading an article today about how hypnotherapy is being used to help people who have invested in bitcoins remember their key to their bitcoin wallet. Now, I am certainly no expert on this kind of investing, but it is certainly possible to assist people to remember lost bits of information with hypnotherapy.

It should be stressed, however, that this is not an exact science hypnotherapy can facilitate a state where a person can recall information. It is essential to understand that language is extremely important when looking at hypnotically refreshed memory work.

What I mean by this is that people who are in a hypnotic state tend to be more suggestible than the norm. This means simply that what is said has a higher likelihood of being accepted. This means that the hypnotherapist must only use non leading, clean language when doing anything related to memory. Whilst remembering a bitcoin key is not the same as recalling abuse, there was a spate of false allegations made in the 1990’s after a people were hypnotised and lead to believe that things happened in a client’s past which did not. Hypnotherapy can be used for memory recall, but remember it is not a guaranteed solution.

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