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Hypnotherapy and Binge Eating

Hypnotherapy and Binge Eating

Today, I would like to discuss a very serious issue which effects far more people than who end up presenting for any kind of help. There is an increase of people who present to me for therapy for their binge eating. Now, one can make an estimate that if there are more people presenting for therapy, there are more people actually suffering and not presenting for therapy.

Binge eating is often misunderstood by people who do not have any experience with suffering with it. Often times, people will see binge eating as some kind of lack of discipline or food greediness. Whilst this might be true in some cases, in the vast majority of cases that I see, people binge to satisfy some kind of emotional void in their lives. This void is usually perceived to be so enormous that nothing will fill it. Though people try to do so with food.

Hypnotherapy when used within a psychotherapeutic protocol can help people to identify this void and to find healthy ways to fill it. These ways do not involve food, but an understanding about how our emotions effect us in ways which can sometimes be less than positive. Hypnotherapy can also assist people in getting closure from some of the traumas which may also affect the way they use/abuse food.

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