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Hypnotherapy and Alien Abductions

Hypnotherapy and Alien Abductions

I know today’s topic may sound strange if not a little weird. Unfortunately, there are still practitioners offering this “service” to what can only be described as vulnerable members of the public. Look, I think it is perfectly plausible that there is life beyond our planet. Stands to reason really. However, using hypnosis as a means to exploit a person’s belief is unconscionable.

Hypnotists who market this will utilise regression as a means of trying to elicit memories of the abduction. However, regression is not an exact science and a misplaced word can lead to confabulation and false memories. This can make a situation difficult for the client in question. Hypnosis is a tool for therapeutic change not a toy or parlour trick.

I understand that people are coming to therapists more and more to try to understand some of life’s big questons, but this is a question without answer. It is far more relevant to attempt to discover why a person believes that they have been abducted. Often this information can lead to real change for a client. Hypnotherapists need to be change agents, not side show acts. I know that there will be some who disagree with my appraisal, but I challenge those who do to provide one piece of peer reviewed evidence which proves the validity of this approach.

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