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Hypnotherapy A Safe and Viable Stop Smoking Solution

Hypnotherapy A Safe and Viable Stop Smoking Solution

One of the issues most closely associated with hypnotherapy is stopping smoking or smoking cessation using hypnosis as the vehicle for change. Over the past few years the popularity of vaping has been lauded as a safe alternative to smoking. Professionals, like myself, have been expressing caution as there has not been enough time to study potential health issues which may arise for long term vaping.

Recent resaerch has now shown that vaping can damage vital immune system cells.  These immune cells are located in the lungs this has also increased inflammation in the area. Indeed, some of the effects seen with the vaping are similar as issues experienced by regular smokers and sufferers of lung disease. Despite this Public Health England want e-cigarettes to be available on prescription.

Of course, smoking is a public health issue, but the difficulty as I see it is that the Department of Health and Public Health England seem married to a chemical like intervention to stop people smoking. There are well over 100 clinical studies which show the efficacy of hypnotherapy in smoking cessation. Hypnotherapy is all natural and has no harmful side effects. It’s time for more lateral thinking if we genuinely want to help people stop smoking. Hypnotherapy could and should lead the way.

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