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Hypnotherapists Identify Your Training

Hypnotherapists Identify Your Training

I cannot count the number of times I come across a Hypnotherapy web site and as I look at the “about me” page I find nothing regarding the training that this practitioner has. Now some of you may be saying, “that’s a matter for the therapist, what difference does it make”

Well, hypnotherapists in the UK operate with enviable freedom, when you consider other countries. By which I mean, a hypnotherapist can pretty much work with whatever they feel like. Now, client freedom of choice is a cornerstone of Common Law, but to make an informed choice one must get as many facts as possible.

Surely it is right that a therapist offering services to work with sexual abuse or PTSD should be adequately trained to do so. How would a potential client know if this is the case if the practitioner conceals their qualifications to potential enquirers? The truth is that this practice is against the public interest. As a non statutorily controlled profession, we owe it to the public to be as transparent as possible and to be honest in what we are really qualified to work with. It is my belief if as a profession fail to deal with this, the time will come for government oversight. It is time for hypnotherapists to be honest and disclose their training.

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