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Hypnosis to Win The Lottery

Hypnosis to Win The Lottery

Regular readers will know that one of the themes about these posts are things that hypnosis practitioners should not be doing in order to promote their practices or their schools. I have seen many things over the years which got my back up. However, today I have seen something which truly represents what hypnosis should not be. This is a course in hypnosis to pick your lottery numbers and to create abundance.

Now there are many opinions about abundance and law of attraction. I do not want to debate here. Though, I think it is safe to say, most sensible practitioners as well as sensible people would say that using hypnosis to pick your lottery numbers is a nonsense.

Yes, you can use hypnosis to help your focus or to be positive. The lottery, in any country or state is a series of numbers picked via random chance. Hypnosis cannot alter a randomiser which picks numbers.

What I find truly hauling about this is that there are many people who are so desperate to win the lottery that they will be,eve anything they see. These people are ripe for exploration. Hypnosis is a serious process and should be practised by serious people. If you cannot see that, then you should not be in practise.


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