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Hypnosis is no Joke

Hypnosis is no Joke

Having come back from the US recently I could no help but notice that the majority of the profession is taking hypnosis as seriously as it should be taken. Hypnosis is a tool in a therapists tool box and should be treated with the same respect that a tool would be taken in a carpenters tool box. Unfortunately, even though the majority of the profession is still doing the right thing, there is still a vocal minority which are not taking things a seriously as they should. They speak of hypnosis in terms of power, as well as making fun of psychologists, medics and even other colleagues.

These actions may seem trivial, but they are not. Medical doctors can have great fun at their meetings and conventions, but they do not act like clowns. They do not make entertainment of what they do and they are respectful of their colleagues even when they disagree they act as professionals. Sadly, there are some in this profession who do not take themselves or the work seriously as a professional should. I long for the day when being a hypnosis professional is not seen as being some sort of entertainer, but rather a sincere and earnest professional who has the best interests of their clients at the very heart of their work. We are getting there, but the journey is far from over.

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